Remote Assistance: Kalamazoo, Portage

Some computer problems are not as complicated as they seem. In fact, more often than not, there are simple explanations for strange computer behavior. For example, inadvertently clicking the mouse button at the wrong time can dramatically change the way your screen looks.

If your system exhibits a few isolated “quirks,” but otherwise seems to be running just fine, West Michigan Computer Care may be able to pinpont and fix the trouble without stepping a foot into your home or office. Using industry proven software developed by Citrix, we can safely and securely log in to your computer from our location while we speak to you on the telephone. This type of support requires your permission, and you can end the session at any time – so there’s no risk of unauthorized access to your private files. And the best part of remote assistance is that it’s less expensive than a home visit, because there’s no travel involved.