Microsoft Announces End of Support for Windows XP

It’s official. Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. While Windows XP computers will continue working after that date, they will no longer receive critical security updates. Without security updates, the operating system will undoubtedly be a target for hackers and become increasingly vulnerable over time. Unfortunately, .. read more

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Top 10 Personal Cloud Storage Services from ZDNet

Storing computer files in the cloud is a great way to backup your data, and share it between multiple devices like computers, smart phones, and tablets. The list of cloud storage providers has grown in recent years, so consumers have many choices – and some are free. Click here to read’s 10 best of 2013.

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SSDs vs. Hard Drives vs. Hybrids

If you’ve been curious about some of the new hard drives available on today’s new computers, this article does a decent job of explaining and comparing the options. Novices will have to wade through a little technical mumbo jumbo, but there’s some good information here!

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Apple to Release iOS7

Apple plans to release a new operating system for mobile devices this Fall which promises to be major update. Click here to check out Apple’s iOS7 preview.  

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West Michigan Computer Care is Alive & Well!

After a short hiatus, West Michigan Computer Care has resumed service to Kalamazoo and the surrounding area. We have made a few changes to streamline the business: On-site service/pickup: We ONLY provide on-site service. If you are not comfortable with a technician in your home, that’s okay. Our technicians will be happy to meet you .. read more

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Helpful Article about Password Security

We came across this great article by Suzanne Kantra which appeared in USA Today over the weekend. It discusses the necessity for “strong” passwords, and provides some tips for measuring strength and managing multiple passwords.

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