Why you should stop using your Windows PC for email, Internet and Facebook

Keeping your Windows-based computer safe from hackers is no longer simply a matter of installing security software. You also have to be very careful about visiting bad websites that try to fool you into thinking they are legitimate. The most common threat to any computer is an unsuspecting user who clicks a poisoned link on a .. read more

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The Next iPhone(s)

We know it’s coming this Fall but, true to form, Apple is keeping a tight lid on the details. A curious mind wants to know, especially if that mind belongs to someone nearing the end of a wireless contract. Here’s an educated guess of what we can expect for the next-generation iPhone:

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Microsoft Tech Support Scam

We’ve heard from a few customers who have recently received phone calls from “Microsoft support.” The caller reportedly claims Microsoft has “received reports” from the owner’s computer, indicating serious trouble. He or she then asks permission to connect remotely and investigate. If granted remote access, the caller walks the owner through a series of bogus steps to prove the .. read more

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User Guides for iPad, iPhone, and other Apple products

There is no comprehensive user guide in the iPad or iPhone box, but that doesn’t mean Apple didn’t write them! They are available online. If you’re new to one of these products, download the free guide before spending money on an expensive book. You can also find these publications as free books via the .. read more

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The Pros & Cons of SSD Drives

SSDs or solid state drives have become viable alternatives to conventional, hard disk drives (HDDs). While the term SSD may seem new to many computer users, the technology has been around for quite awhile. If you own a smart phone, tablet, or a flash drive, you already have a device with SSD storage. This technology .. read more

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Want to Run Windows on your Mac? No Problem!

Apple began using Intel processors inside its Mac computers in mid-2006. This paved the way for running “true” Windows on Mac hardware. Since then, several software products have come to market which nicely integrate Windows into the Mac OS. One such product is Parallels Desktop. If a dual-operating system computer appeals to you, we strongly .. read more

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New Intel NUC PC – Tiny Size, Big Performance

Semi-conductor manufacturer Intel has been a computer industry leader since the very beginning of the technology revolution. The company makes many of the chips and printed circuit boards that power today’s home and business computers. However, with the recent introduction of the “Next Unit of Computing” (NUC) PC, Intel now sells computers too. The NUC .. read more

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XP After April – What are the Risks?

Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue support for Windows XP in April, 2014. Many users out there are clinging to XP. Some have a fond attachment to this familiar operating system because it guided them into the computer age. Others are holding on because their old hardware won’t handle a newer version of Windows, .. read more

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Windows 8.1 Waiting Game

Microsoft says they’re still on target to release Windows 8.1 to production in August. However, it looks like we won’t actually see it for awhile. Read more here.

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Looking for a New Computer for Your College Student?

West Michigan Computer Care can set up your student with a new laptop or touch-screen ultrabook before he or she heads off to school. Remember, computers from the big box retailers come with Windows 8, whether you want it or not. WMCC still gives you a choice of Windows 7 or 8. And all of .. read more

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